Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY Makeup Drawer Organizers

I came across this video and was so impressed by it. I am planning on using this idea. I am in the process of decorating my diva room and this will definitely be done. I decided to share this with you Glams in case you were interested in DIY projects. Check out her channel for more projects she is awesome and talented. Very creative! Until next time.....


Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Flirty Beat

I started out doing this look not really sure where I was going or how it would turn out. I just knew I wanted to play around with several colors. LOL This is the ending results and I really like the outcome. You want to see how I achieved this look? Hit the pay button!
Thanks in advance for your support!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Naturally Neutral/ Makeup Look

So this look is dedicated to all my Glams who love the makeup/ no makeup look. For the Glams that love to rock natural and neutral colors. This came out so gorgeous! I love this look. This is my everyday look when I want to get glammed but don't want to really look like I did much. LOL you want to see how I achieved this look? Hit the play button!
Thanks in advance for watching!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello Glams, It's been a while since I've posted. So many things has changed in my life and I am excited as well as overwhelmed. So for starters, I have a beautiful baby girl. So now I am a mother of 3 GIRLS Yes!!!! LOL I named her Desire Not Desiree' it reads just like it's spelled Desire Ma'Kia White. I tell you going from 1to 2 kids was a breeze for me but going from 2 to 3 is a BIG difference!
I hadn't been posting or putting up videos on my YouTube channel because time is really against me right now and I am working around Desire's schedule. My hands are always full and it's taking me some time to come up with a system to manage everything without losing my mind. Being the wife of an offshore welder means spending a lot of time maintaining your family alone. Any who, so on top of this I have been holding on to this passion of makeup and if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I've been posting pictures of different looks. So if you haven't checked out my page on either site, please do so.
I have been trying to manage my time because God has blessed me with some ideas and opportunities. For starters, I am beginning to put myself out to become a freelance makeup artist. I've been getting request from people in my area always asking me to do their makeup. Also, I am launching an online boutique for plus size women, so all my curvy divas please stay tuned for TAJ Beauty Emporium!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Glammed MakeUp Haul!!!!!

Thanks for watching.
Hope you enjoyed

New Brushes!

Hey Glams, I am so excited about this post. One thing about it, You can never have too many brushes! Bh Cosmetics have come out with a new brush set. I was minding my own business when Traycee77 on Instagram posted a pic of the new brush set. I just had to order. I'm a sucker for packaging and I like the colors of the set as well. LOL
They were doing a deal for the brush set it was less than $20.00! You can't beat it with a stick. LOL I'll be sure to give you loves a review on these brushes after I get some use out of them.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

ELF cosmetics 2013 Disney Villians collection

Hi Glams, so I  was looking on YouTube and came across a video by NIYA0302 where she was announcing that elf's 2013 Disney look books were out. HELLOO!! I didn't even know about this collection period! LOL so I went researching and found that last year, ELF had look books that included a quad of 6 shadows, lip liner, eye primer, mascara, and a pair of eye lashes. There were four look books and each book had a Disney villain illustrated on the front cover. The eye shadows represented that villain and there were step by step instructions on how to achieve that particular villain's look. Why didn't I know about this. LOL I was so impress with the look of the books, I went searching for last years. Because they are limited edition and only sold in Walgreens I had no luck. I went on Amazon and they had two of the books for 59.99! they are sold for 9.99 so you know I wasn't going that route. Well, I gave up and started looking in the Walgreens in my area for this years edition and wasn't able to find it. NOT ALL WALGREENS WILL HAVE IT. I went to elf 's website and searched Disney villain and found that if you put your zip code in, it'll tell you what Walgreens in your area that will have it.
Of course 9 o'clock at night I'm heading to this particular Walgreens and found that they aren't getting them until October 5th. I can't wait! also this year each villain has a look book of just eyelashes and makeup bags. OMG I am so hyped!
Check the website to see what Walgreens in your area will be carrying them. Remember They are limited edition so it won't be sold all year round.
Oh! I forgot to mention that the manager at the Walgreens had two of the look books from last year in the back, and sold them to me for the 9.99 price!
Well Thanks for stopping in today,
Until next time!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Deals to start off fall!

Hello Glams! Thanks for stopping by today.... I wanted to post and brag on a great deal I came across and almost missed to start off my fall makeup hauls. BH Cosmetics has a few new items that you should definitely check out ASAP. 3 new palettes have been added to the site: "Galaxy Chic" which is a baked eye shadow palette that comes with 18 shades. The name of the palette speaks for itself. right now it's 39% off at 14.00. There's also the "Eyes on the 60's" palette that comes with 30 shades and is 51% off at 9.95 and last is the "Take me to Brazil" palette that has 28 shades and is 51% off at 9.95! Great deals right? But that's not it....
BH Cosmetics also has new bushes that come as duos. You've missed the deal that I caught at the last minute, which was all 6 for 20.00 but the duos are still marked down right now at 51% off at 4.95 each. I also ordered some nail polishes that I think is new to the site. I don't ever remember them selling nail polish but right now you can get either the "flirty collection" which is more of your  bright colors or the "mystery collection" which is more n the darker side. This is the collection I ordered that I thought would be good for fall. either collection, you can get them right now for 14.95 and it's a set of 10 colors in each collection. I know, I know...... don't thank me now. LOL
I can't wait until my package arrives so I can post a haul on my YouTube channel. I will be sure to share it on the blog as well.
Thanks again for stopping in with me today!
Until next time, you have been glamified!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall is Here!!!!!!

Hello Glams! I am so excited that we are approaching Fall! I love this time of year. This most obvious reason is the change in makeup. For those of you that weren't comfortable with the bright and bold colors of the summer, perhaps this change will be more wearable for you. Fall brings in your more darker colors as well as your natural and neutral trends that you can rock with a darker color lippie. If you follow me on Facebook (Taj Mone') or Instagram (tfoxy12003) I've already started posting pictures. For those of you that follow me on YouTube, I will be posting videos VERY SOON on these looks. I've been delayed since my laptop has been in the shop but I will be back up and running shortly. LOL
I'll also make sure that I upload a few of them to the blog along with some posting of my latest hauls and deals I've come across for the fall, so stay tuned! LOL
Thanks you Glams for checking in today!
Until next time!